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  • The rates provided cover up to 6 passengers and everything required for the trip. I can only carry 6 passengers max.

  • I do not charge per person. However split charters may be arranged if you want to share the cost of a trip with another group.

Near shore- $350

  • With the near shore trip we go anywhere from right off the beach to 10 miles out. Possible species to be caught are sharks, sea bass, grunts, mackerel, red fish, blue fish, whiting, tripletail, tarpon, flounder, jacks, trout, Bonito, and cobia. Also night time shark fishing is available.

Coastal reefs- $550

  • The coastal reef trip offers more of a sport fish style trip in the summer where we travel 20-35 miles out to troll for king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, bonito, and barracuda. Occasionally bottom fishing for multiple species.


The Boat is a 34' Hatteras sportfish